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Welcome to Police Off the Cuff/Real Crime Stories – your destination for gripping true crime tales explored through the lens of seasoned law enforcement professionals. Join us as we delve into the heart of high-profile cases, unraveling the complexities of each investigation using our unique blend of police expertise and street smarts.

Tune in for authentic crime stories told from a police perspective by our host, retired NYPD Sergeant Bill Cannon. A multifaceted individual, Bill is not only a seasoned investigator but also a professor, actor, and broadcaster. He approaches each case with a wealth of knowledge, keen sensitivity, and unparalleled experience, providing a compelling narrative and an honest assessment of the facts.

Adding to the dynamic duo is co-host Phil Grimaldi, a retired NYPD detective hailing straight from Brooklyn. Phil brings his extensive knowledge and infectious enthusiasm to every case, all while embracing his signature Brooklyn accent and attitude. Together, Bill and Phil delve into the nation’s most riveting crime stories, providing accurate and expert reporting on every case.

Join us on Police Off the Cuff/Real Crime Stories and immerse yourself in the world of true crime, as told by the very people who have dedicated their lives to protecting and serving our communities. Subscribe to our YouTube podcast and never miss an episode of our thrilling true crime investigations.

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What people have to say

Police off The Cuff—A Podcast where the hosts ask legit questions and demand honest answers. The Host are The Real Deal.

Joe Pistone, AKA Donnie Brasco / Undercover FBI Agent

The perfect mix of comedy and storytelling, from two retired members of the NYPD. I’ve had both Bill and Mark as guests on my radio show and podcast. Plus, I’ve been a guest on their show. Two great guys, both are great show hosts and guests as well.

John J. Wiley / Retired Baltimore Police Sergeant Host of the Law Enforcement Today Radio Show and Podcast.

Police Off the Cuff is the one place to find the absolute unvarnished truth, as seen through the eyes of the courageous men and women on the ground, risking their lives to protect us. Their experiences are the whole of the human condition;all of the emotions, the pain, the fear, and the harrowing danger are balanced with acute insight and the self-deprecating humor cops are rightly famous for. That’s why Police Off the Cuff should be your one-stop for a no B.S. assessment of what’s going on in our turbulent society-as seen from the ground up.

Michael O’Keefe / retired NYPD 1st grade detective, author, Shot to Pieces, A Reckoning in Brooklyn, Burnt to a Crisp

I have never been more impressed with a podcast than I am with ‘Off The Cuffs.’ Bill is a complete gentleman and fantastic interviewer . I hope he has me back on!

Larry Mazza / A Made guy from the Columbo Crime Family and author of the book The Life

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