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Police off the Cuff/Real Crime Stories is a hard hitting true crime broadcast that reports on National stories. Real investigative techniques and experience is applied to the case. Listen to the retired NYPD investigators utilize their knowledge and street savvy to explain complex investigations.

To listen to real crime stories from a police perspective tune into Police off the Cuff/ Real Crime Stories. An honest assessment of the case at hand is reported by the experts on the show. Whether the story is a complex murder case or a kidnapping, or a Criminal Justice matter that needs critiquing. Police off the Cuff is the podcast to get accurate information from. Your host retired NYPD Sergeant, professor, actor, and broadcaster Bill Cannon reports with a knowledge, sensitivity, and experience.

Co host retired NYPD detective and straight out of Brooklyn Phil Grimaldi reports with knowledge, enthusiasm, and a Brooklyn accent and attitude.

The host

Bill Cannon

Bill Cannon served nearly 27 years with the NYPD retiring on October 31st, 2011 as a detective Sergeant assigned to the Manhattan North Homicide Squad. Bill commanded the “A” team and worked some of the most high profile homicide and major cases occurring in Manhattan North. 

       His police career was vast and varied and he is proud of his 6 and ½ years working in plain clothes, anti-crime, and city wide street crime unit. During his police career he collected 52 department citations and is a member of the Honor Legion.

       In addition to his supervisory duties with the homicide squad, Bill taught identification procedure, and investigative response to a major crime at the NYPD Criminal Investigation course. His teaching experience for the NYPD lead to a position at a private college where he taught in the School of Criminal Justice for 10 and ½ years. 

         In February of 2019 the podcast Police off the Cuff was started in Bill’s living room in Westchester County. His co-host is Mark DeMayo an established stand- up comic and a retired NYPD detective. They have currently completed over 250 episodes, and Police off the Cuff After Hours streams on You Tube, and Facebook live. The podcast audience size is multiplying as the word gets out on social media, and on over 9 listening sites on www.anchor.fm/otcpod1 The show is  funny and entertaining with large doses of reality thrown in.

        Bill is currently working hard at promoting Police off the Cuff, and his solo podcast Real Crime Stories. Police off the Cuff was chosen by Blog.feedspot.com/police podcasts as the # 3 police podcast to watch in 2021. Now that the pandemic is coming to a close Bill hopes to restart his acting and comedy career. 

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